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Double Leg to Arm Restraint Cuffs Set


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Would you let your partner take full control in the bedroom? Do you like to explore new sexual positions?

This great 4 piece kit will keep you in your place, through sexual activity. It comes in two sizes allowing to put one pair on your ankles and wrists and the other on your arms and legs.

This great product is designed to bind wrists-to-ankles or to your legs and achieve maximum restraint and put your partner in a bottoms-up pose in no time. Then let the fun begin.

They are velcro fastened, so is easy to release if needed and you can adjust them to your desire.

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Width 5.5cm
Larger cuffs adjustable from 25 cm to 40 cm and 22 cm to 30 cm
Smaller cuffs adjustable from 22 cm to 35 cm and 20 cm to 25 cm






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