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Sexual Position Master With Cuffs


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Would you let your partner take full control in the bedroom? Do you like to explore new sexual positions? 

This great piece of kit will keep you in your place, as the master of your motion through sexual activity. The Position Master with Cuffs provides you with a creative solution during sex, as well as a way to experience the intense pleasure of bondage with the highest levels of comfort. 

If you have had bondage fantasies then this is the perfect item you need to carry out your roleplay sessions!

There are sturdy straps that hold your legs in place, giving your partner the freedom of access, the wrist cuffs mean that the arm and hand range of motion is severely limited, which provides you with bondage at its finest. 

Finally, there is a neck harness which is integral to this item. It is soft giving you complete comfort during wear, but it acts as the anchor for the leg straps and wrist cuffs at the same time. All the straps can be adjusted quickly and simply, allowing this device to fit most sizes and also be removed quickly and easily.

Ankle and wrist cuffs size: 10cm – 25cm
Legg support straps length: 5cm – 65cm
Neck support:12cm x 29cm

Made of polyester

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